Customer Resources and Tools



Electronic Chain of Custody

Excel version of the document to request analytical services and ensure proper sample security and control during collection, transfer, analysis and disposition.

Sample Packing Guidance

Guidance for properly collecting and packing a sample based on the matrix and analyses requested.

Virtual Project Manager (VPM)

GEL Laboratories offers a secure online portal for existing clients to track in-house samples, access data packages, EDDs, and sample receipts. Contact your PM for additional information.

PFAS Sampling Guidelines

Guidance on Sampling for Per and Poly Fluoroalkyl Substances (PFAS)

Sampling Instructions for PFAS in Drinking Water

Guidance for properly collecting and shipping drinking water samples for Per and Poly Fluoroalkyl Substances (PFAS) by method 537.1

Radiologic Well Sampling Guidelines

These instructions are a companion to GEL’s Well Water Radiological testing kit

Radioactive Shipment Guideline

Guidance for packaging and transporting samples containing radioactive material. GEL Laboratories requests approval prior to shipping by providing activity and/or dose rates per sample.

Radioactive Material License

GEL Laboratories holds a license issued by SCDHEC which authorizes the lab to receive, acquire, possess, and transfer radioactive material.

Foreign Soil Permit

Guidance for shipping Foreign Soil to the lab. GEL Laboratories LLC holds a permit issued by the USDA which authorizes receipt of soil from foreign countries. A copy must be included in the shipment to our laboratory.

Observed Holidays

Schedule of holidays observed by the Laboratory

Hemp FAQs

Questions and Answers about Hemp testing as well as contact information in case of additional questions.

Credit Application

If you do not already have an established credit history with GEL, and would like to apply for Net 30 payment terms, please complete the attached credit application and return it with your signed quote.